Toy Fair 2013: Hasbro Fan Press Event Coverage – Information and Images

toy-fair-2013-logoThe following are the official press images from Hasbro for their product on display at the 2013 Toy Fair. This page will be updated as more information is gathered. Still sorting through notes and images, so be sure to check back often as the page will be updated often over the next 24 hours.

There are notes from each presentation along with the official images for each below.

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G.I. Joe

– 12-inch movie figures. Nice sculpts, limited articulation. Roadblock, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow
– New 3.75″ Wave 3 new reveals – “Ultimate” Flint, “Ultimate” Roadblock, Budo Samurai, “Ultimate” Storm Shadow (Sunbow accurate), “Ultimate” Cobra commander (with 2 heads), Data-Viper and Kwinn
– Wave 4 are re-mixes with hard to find figures – Blind Master, Cyber Ninja, Dark Ninja, Joe Colton, Kim Arashikage, lady Jaye, Night Viper, Red Cobra Trooper
– Night Landing raft confirmed for Alpha release, coming out soon
– Tomahawk Re-issue!
– Being called Eaglehawk now
– Is vintage accurate, retooled for modern figures, full scale!
– Coming for $40 with lift ticket. New cockpit to fit modern figures. Totally rebuilt & looks amazing! Rotor blades fold


– Kre-O: GI Joe and Star Trek expand the brand and joint Transformers

Transformers Kre-O
– Beast Hunters, Microchangers and Combiners are what make up the Kre-O Transformers
– There will be 70 new Kreons and 10 new sets
– 36 Micro-changers to be available, this includes Wave 1 which is out now
– Micro-Changers to come: Blot, Bombshell, Acidwing, Bulkhead, Groove, Arcee, Powerglide, Scourge
– Combiners: Defensor, Prianacon and Abonimus
– Beast Hunters Autobot Command Center Set opens into a playlet with capture claw, best jail and repair station
– Customizable figures (limited time only)
– Some Kreon figures will have features like vac metal or translucent plastic, this will be limited release
– Kreon Limited figures will have a “weapons rack”
– Wave 1 will consist of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhid, Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave

Star Trek Kre-O
– Kre-O Star Trek, to be on shelves April 29th
– Will have micro build assortments for ships, about 50 pieces each
– Star Trek will get Kreon figures too – Gorn, Captain Nero, Klingon, etc.
– Star Trek Kreons will expand to other generations of the series

GI Joe Kre-O
– Kre-O GI Joe street date is 2/11/13
– Wave 2 will consist of Blowtorch, Dr. Mindbender, BAT, Flash, Major Bludd, Eel, Snowjob, Slice, Ripper, Tunnel Rat, Mutt and Junkyard
– Upcoming sets will include Ghoststriker X-16, Arashikage Dojo including Baroness, Destro and Hiss tank


– Ultimate Spider-Man 6″: Spider-Man, Nova, Iron Spider-Man, Doc Ock and SHIELD Tech Spider-Man
– Wolverine 6″ in June: Legends Emma Frost, Sabertooth, Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue (Modern) and BAF Puck
– Wolverine All-Star Asstorment: Logan, Sword Slash Silver Samurai, Warrior Claw Wolverine (classic comic book look), Shadow Strike Ninja
– Iron Man 3 toys: in stores Feb 11th
– Avengers Micro Muggs Multi-Pack: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk
– Avengers Assemble (on TV Summer 2013) 3.75″ figures: includes 10 figures for whole year, Captain American, Hawkeye and Red Skull
– Thor: The Dark World (toys out October 1st, movie in theaters November 8th) – 3.75″ assortment: Thor, Dark Elf, Loki, Thor (in alternate costume)

– Marvel Universe 3.75″ (Fall 2013): Rhino, Captain America, Mysterio, Elektra, Baron Zemo, Cloak, Dagger (Wave 4) Abomination, A-Bomb (variant alert), Black/White Iron Man armor
– Marvel Universe 3.75″ Team Pack: Cyclops, Colossus, Emma Frost (Uncanny X-Men), Colossus is in Juggernaut deco
– Marvel Universe 3.75″ Team Pack: Valkyrie, Skurge, and Thor 3-pack
– Marvel Legends: Wave 2: Scarlet Spider-Man, Black Panther, Wrecker, Bulldozer, Modern and Classic Hawkeye, Age Of Apoclypse, Jean Grey and White Phoenix, will include BAF Rocket Raccoon with articulated jaw!
– Songbird, Batroc and Blizzard teased to be shown at SDCC

Star Wars

– 6-inch Black Series figures
– Were sculpted by Gentle Giant
– Darth Maul, will come with dual saber and removable cloak
– R2-D2 with jet pack, probe, etc., also Sandtrooper
– Black Series will replace Vintage 3.75: 3.75″ Black Series – New Anakin, Clone Sgt, Biker Scout, Darth Vader, Clone Pilot, Ceremony Luke, Padm, Biggs, Mara Jade, Stormtrooper, R2 D2
– Saga Legends will be redesigned for kids, 5 points of articulation and priced at $5.99
– Mission Series are $9.99 2-packs based on Saga Legends
– Battle of Geonosis Vintage Republic Gunship with Yoda, Clone Trooper and Pilot. Vintage packaging. TRU Exclusive
– Kmart Exclusive Scanning Crew and Ewoks with Catapult 2-packs.
– Biggs X-Wing, vintage packaging, TRU Exclusive
– Darth Vader’s Origins (Target Exclusive) – Vader, Emperor, Trooper and Medical Droid with medical table
– Vader Evolution Pack – From little Ani to Vader
– Exclusive: Tie-Interceptor in vintage packaging and Slave-1 with Carbonite Han Solo
– Boba Fett with Carbonite Han 6″ Black Series for SDCC teased, but NOT SHOWN


– Beast Hunters is new iteration of Transformers Prime
– Beast Hunters will be taking over Kre-O, RiD, Bot Shots and Construct-Bots lines
– Rescue Bots is not done, will be “energized”
– Beast from Beast Hunters are cloned from fossilized remains by Shockwave and are considered the “ultimate” hunters
– IDW Publishing will be doing a Beast Hunters comic
– Interactive Beast Hunters website to go live on 2/18/13
– Beast Hunters toys are available on 2/11/13
– Beast Hunters Prowl with Justice Hammer
– Hun Gurr – two heads and Dragontooth saw
– Commander Starscream with Thunder Talon (Wave 3)
– Commander Shockwave with Hyperflux Cannon
– Deluxe Ratchet with Dragon Grinder Drill
– Deluxe Dreadwing with Dread Assault Cannon
– Skystalker Predacon (four-legged winged dragon) with Cryostrike Disc Launcher
– Voyager Shockwave with detachable armor
– Voyager Ultra Magnus with Forge of Solus Prime weapon
– Voyager Grimwing (Bear/falcon beast) with Grapple Launcher
– Beast Hunter Optimus Prime with Spinning Dragon Cannons
– Beast Fire Predaking with Fire Breath
– Over 40 Beast Hunter characters will be featured on upcoming website

– Bot Shots game online will continue with new characters and ways to play

– Construt-Bots, figures about the size of a Deluxe figure
– Bots can be customized by combining parts
– Entry price point is Scout at $9.99 (Ironhide, Starscream, Wheeljack and Soundwave)
– Triple Changers, starting price is $14.99 (Bumblebee and Blitzwing)
– Ultimate sets are Optimus Prime and Megatron priced at $35 each
– Packaging is reusable as storage trays, which start with Elite class figures

– Generations, 30th Anniversary
– Full line celebrating 1984
– 30th Anniversary logo on product starting this fall
– Hasbro teamed with IDW on characters for 30th Anniversary, aka Thrilling Thirty
– Comics and toy characters will match. Comics will also be packaged with figures
– IDW styled Deluxe Class Bumblbee (Wave 3)
– Deluxe Class Stealth Bomber Megatron (Wave 3)
– Deluxe Class Trailcutter
– Deluxe Class Orion Pax with axe and rifle
– Legends Class Optimus Prime with Roller (which becomes cannon)
– Legends Class Bumblebee with Blazemaster
– Voyager Class Triple Changer Springer (Car, Helicopter & Robot)
– Voyager Class Triple Changer Blitzwing
– Platinum Edition Grimlock vs Bruticus
– Masterpiece Acid Storm (Starscream Redeco)
– Masterpiece Soundwave with ALL 5 Cassette Warriors
– Masterpieces are TRU Exclusives
– New Titan Class, largest Transfomers figure EVER
– Metroplex! Stands 24″ tall, twice size of original Metroplex, G1 styling, comes with Legends scale Scamper
– Metroplex is due in the fall, priced at $125