Top Five Toy Lines I’m Actively Collecting

© RICHARD HARBUS/FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEWSLong-time toy collectors understand what it means to have their interests in a particular line or license wax and wane. Technological improvements, a switch in scale, updates (or downgrades) to articulation or a new licensee taking over a license are just some of the things that keep our collecting habits changing constantly. Certain figures I owned a few years ago have been long sold, replaced by new figures that currently capture my interest. It’s the reality that is the ever changing hobby that is the toy collecting. Here’s a look at the top five toy lines I’m actively collecting. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what lines you’re currently collecting.

  1. NECA Alien
    NECA Movie Reel Toy Alien Ripley Jumpsuit-1
    Not to be confused with NECA’s Aliens line, which I’m not collecting. I’m a huge fan of Ridley Scott’s Sci-Fi thriller and have picked up all of NECA’s figures from the original Alien movie. I’m loving NECA’s Ripley and Jonesy sets and now that I’ve got my carton of Xenomorph eggs, my latest NECA Alien acquisition, I’m hoping NECA gets to Lambert in her Nostromo spacesuit and Ash. After that, any other figures NECA can deliver from Alien would be an added bonus–I’m looking at you, Brett and Parker.

  2. Medicom MAFEX
    Medicom MAFEX The Joker
    One of the best values at the price, in my opinion, Medicom’s MAFEX line transcends several licenses including Marvel’s Avengers, Star Wars, DC’s The Dark Knight and now Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’ve noticed a lot of collectors are overlooking the MAFEX line in favor of Tamashii’s S.H. Figuarts line, but I prefer MAFEX over Tamashii right now because the figures just nail the points that I look for in a collector quality figure such as good character likenesses, attention to costume detail, plentiful accessories, and well tailored soft goods. Not sold on MAFEX? You don’t need to take my word for it, check out the photos of the MAFEX Batman and Joker I snapped for recent reviews and you’ll see why I’m a big fan of the line.

  3. Tamashii Nations Saint Seiya Saint Cloth Myth EX 
    Tamashii Nations Soul of Gold Aries Mu
    With Tamashii’s Saint Cloth Myth EX line wrapping up the last of the Gold Saints from the original anime series, I’ve moved on to the God Cloth figures based on the Soul of Gold anime series. The diecast armored figures have ornate detailing that looks tremendous, although they’re a bit pricey at around $100 each. As Tamashii checks off the 12 Gold Saints from Soul of Gold I’ll be moving on to the smaller-scale D.D. Panoramation line, which includes effects and parts to create a Sanctuary diorama.

  4. DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series / The New Adventures of Batman 
    DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Robin
    One of my favorite toy lines because of the charming designs of my favorite Batman characters like The Joker, Man-Bat, Catwoman and, of course, Batman and Robin. The figures carry a heavy dose of nostalgia, taking me back to that salad-bowl sized helping of Lucky Charms that left me comatose in front of the television on Saturday mornings. With the addition of vehicles like Roxy’s Rocket and the Batmobile, the line just gets better and better. While the overall style of the BTAS line is fantastic, I do wish that DC would improve upon their designs in order to ensure the figures can stand better without the support of a stand.

  5. Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series 
    Hot Toys Luke Skywalker Sixth-Scale Figure
    I have a confession. I’m hooked on Hot Toys. Hot Toys’ figures are so amazingly designed that they actually make me consider licenses I have no interest in. In fact, their attention to detail results in such life-like representations, a company actually ran a billboard for The Avengers mistaking a Hot Toys Iron Man figure for Robert Downey Jr. Each time I unbox a new Hot Toys figure, I’m blown away. While I try to focus on figures that resonate with me, like Hot Toys’ Star Wars, The Dark Knight and Back to the Future offerings, it’s easy to pick up the occasional outlier that just looks fantastic.

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  • SS21O

    Funny , I actually just recently pulled the trigger on my first Mafex with Mr Vader. Haven’t opened yet though

    • Vader is a pretty great figure. I have Vader and a pair of Stormtroopers. I also really like the MAFEX The Dark Knight figures, including the Bat Pod. They did a fantastic job with the license so I’m really excited about the upcoming Avengers and Batman V Superman figures. The good thing about MAFEX is that the figures have been dropping in price in many cases. The MSRP is $50, but I’ve picked up figures for much less, including Batman, which I snagged for under $30.

  • SS21O

    My only regret is that I invested sooooooo much in the 6in black series and now these competitors are blowing them away.

    I’ve grabbed almost every Batman Animated figure plus Batmobile too and I also made the mistake of opening Pandora’s box with Hot Toys. Almost 7 so far including Optimus Prime , Batman Returns, and Vader preordered lol

    • Dump the Black Series figures while they’re hot. Some of them are fetching quite a bit on the secondary market. One thing to note is that you’re not going to get all of the secondary characters from the Japanese toymakers, like you will with Hasbro.

      I hear you about Hot Toys, the Star Wars OT figures have been hitting at a breakneck pace and this month alone there were 3 releases!