Top 5 Animated Batman/Superman Crossover Films


What better way to prepare for the first ever live action Batman/Superman flick than to take a look back at my Top 5 animated Batman/Superman crossover’s films. My process of elimination was ultimately based on not just films that the two heroes appeared in, but actually had a significant amount of shared screen time and were key characters to the film’s plot. For example, while the masterpiece, Justice League: Flash Point Paradox, did feature both characters, Batman and Superman simply appeared as quick cameos and therefore didn’t make the cut. So let’s get to my Top 5 and feel free to chime in with your favorites as well!

#5 Lego Batman: The Movie

In nothing short of pure comedy gold, this 2013 straight to home video film is a fairly faithful adaptation to the Lego Batman video game, DC Super Heroes Unite. This little Lego film gem features a DC all-star cast with fantastic voice acting. Particularly Troy Baker’s portrayal as Batman. Too many hilarious scenes between Superman and Caped Crusader to highlight. A very comedic and quite entertaining 71 min. movie from DC Universe Original Animated Films. If you’re a fan of either Lego’s and DC, be sure to check this one out.

#4 Justice League: War

One of my personal favorites in the DC library. Spot on voice acting with perfect comedic and tense action delivery, an entertaining Green Lantern/Batman vs Superman fight, and bad ass Darkseid as the films villain. What’s not to love? You can check out our Pop Critica review, HERE.

#3 Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

One of the true spotlighted Batman/Superman cross over films that centers around the two working together as they attempt to rescue Supergirl with the help of Wonder Woman from Darkseid and his evil forces. Was pretty amusing as we enjoy the two DC icons trade their classic rivalry and competitive chemistry back and forth. Especially when Batman showcases his babysitting skills to Supergirl as a favor for the Man of Steel in the aftermath of a scene where Kara Zor-El shows up naked at the Gotham docks moments after a mysterious meteorite crash lands and destroys Batman’s Bat-boat that not even a policy handled by Jake from State Farm could save.

#2 The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

Jay Olivia’s film adaptation of Frank Millers graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns is as good as an animated film gets. Period. A true four star masterpiece up there with the best crown jewels in the DC Universe Animated Films library as far as I am concerned. The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 perfectly captures one of the greatest fights in comic history with The Dark Knight in one corner and the Man of Steel in the other. In addition, judging by the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers, it appears as if this scene was a bit of inspiration for the live action blockbuster too. If you haven’t check this film out, you can read our full review, HERE.

#1 Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Hands down my all time favorite DC animated Superman/Batman crossover film. With the power of the United States Government behind him, President Luthor assembles a deadly super hero force to seek out and take down any “rogue” heroes who are not down with taking orders from Lex Luthor. Was a nice change of pace from Luthor’s usual evil plan for world domination that involved any form of real estate. Aside from the great buddy cop Lethal Weapon style “us against the world” on the run adventure the two DC icons are thrust into, the film really gives us some rare insight to just how close these two are and what they mean to each other. Watching a distraught and out of control Superman seek to avenge his “best friend” against a stunned Lex Luthor in the film’s conclusion was a rare moment for the viewer to have a glimpse into just how strong a bond both Superman and Batman have for each other. Very cool scene where we can look past the timeless rivalry that fans have not only come to know, but expect over the years.

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