SS210’s Top 10 Signs You May Be A Toy Addict

toy-news-and-talkI think we all at some time in the back of our head worry that we may be approaching “the edge” of toy collecting geekdom. Then we calmly tell ourselves that it’s just our imagination. Right?

So here is a “top 10″ list for a little fun to see if you are a toy addict. Read it over and let us know. We are here to help.

#1 — Any time your watching a cartoon/movie of a franchise you DON’T already collect you ponder to yourself, “OOOhhhhhhhhh I could use one of those.” Case in point…one day I’m watching this:

And now I have these:

#2 — You CONSTANTLY keep rearranging your toy display to make room for just “one more” figure.

#3 — You buy toys you don’t even plan to open OR even display.

#4 — Every time you pull up in the drive way at home with a new toy haul you look for a good hiding place to hide from the wife until the coast is clear.

#5 — Every night before the 1st of the month you go to sleep at night calculating in your head that months toy budget/ checklist for that month.

#6 — You’re 30 minutes late to work at least twice a week because you had to make quick morning Walmart stop to see if that new figure was in stock.

#7 — You keep pre-ordering toys at BigBadToyStore JUST FOR FUN.

#8 — Anytime you are at a local retail store with family/friends you can NOT avoid walking to toy section for a “quick look”.

#9 — You replace flirting with cute register girl with saying, “Please don’t bend my Star Wars Boba Fett card”

And last but definitely not least the top 10 sign you may be a toy addict is…

#10 — You use the words “loose,” “MOC,” and “MISB” like every one knows what that means where ever you go.

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