Tomb Raider: Guide to Survival First Episode Now Online

video-games-gaming-newsIn anticipation of the upcoming release of the 2013 Tomb Raider game, developer Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have released the first episode in a new video series that explores how Lara must use her wits to become a survivor. In the Tomb Raider reboot, fans will find a somewhat different Lara Croft character, one that wears a bit more clothes and gets a little dirty. Compared to the Uncharted series (which ironically is compared to Tomb Raider a little), the latest Tomb Raider game has an inexperienced Lara Croft fighting to stay alive in some exotic locales. In the first video of the “Guide to Survival” series, learn how to upgrade using Basecamps, which Lara can use to apply skill points to upgrade her skills and equipment. Tomb Raider is set to be released on March 5th, 2013.

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