‘TMNT: Out Of The Shadows’ Is Finally Getting a PSN Release Date!

video-games-gaming-newsLast year, Turtle fans who were eagerly awaiting their chance to play TMNT: Out Of The Shadows were given a hard kick to the shells. The game was delayed after getting horrible reviews on the Xbox Live (GameInformer: 2 out of 10) and was sent back to the work shop for its PSN release. Many gamers have already given up and moved on. Seemed the game was never going to get released. Yesterday, developer Red Fly Studio announced some exciting news on their Facebook page…A PSN release date!

Update for our PlayStation community,
Thank you for your enthusiasm and your patience these last many months. The delay in game was very disappointing news for all of us, but it was to polish the PSN game to the highest of levels. With that being said, we have some great news! The day has come for your questions to be answered: TMNT: Out of the Shadows will be available April 15th for download!

Hopefully with almost the extra year of fine tuning will add the polish to the game that turtle fans deserve. If not? I’m sure with the success of the new cartoons and movie that we will have another TMNT game announced hopefully at this year’s E3. (Source: Facebook)

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