‘Titanfall’ Official Gamescom Gameplay Demo Looks Awesome

video-games-gaming-newsCreated by one of the co-creators of the very popular Call of Duty series, along with other key developers behind the Call of Duty franchise, Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is among one of the most highly anticipated games of 2014. A Xbox 360/One and PC exclusive, Titanfall does look pretty damn cool. What more could you ask for? Mechs? Mayhem? Fast-paced first-person shooter? Titanfall looks to have it all.

I don’t think it would change my mind about getting an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 when the time comes (I’ll be getting a PS4), but I can see this being a pretty popular game. The developers have said in the future the series could see an expansion to the PlayStation platform, but being a small team of developers, they wanted to focus on just one platform to create a well-polished game. From the video posted today, they look to be doing just that.

The first-person shooter game features “mechs” called titans, and ground combat, and the developers say that they want these titans to feel fast. And if players don’t want to pilot the titan, they can enable it to follow them and take out enemies along the way. Sound interesting? Check out the Titanfall gameplay video below.

titanfall-xbox-one-box-art titan-fall-lagoon-pilot-titan titanfall-fracture-battle titanfall-angel-city-pilot titanfall-gameplay-screenshot titanfall-panoramic-overwatch-promo-image

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