Titanfall 2 Trailer Teases Us With New Story Campaign


When Titanfall launched as an exclusive for the Xbox One, many were ready to crown Respawn Studios’ new game series as the next king in the crowded first person shooter market. While the game was a lot of fun and boasted some of the best maps we have seen in a shooter in quite some time, the game didn’t have strong legs to sustain interest. One of the games biggest disappointments was the lack of a story campaign, which was a shame since the science fiction in the Titanfall universe was very cool.

No longer a Xbox One exclusive, Titanfall 2 looks to finally deliver fans a promising campaign mode to go along with its addictive multiplayer action. Enjoy the teaser below and stay tuned for more details in the worldwide premiere on June 12, along with even more from this year’s E3 during June 14-16.

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