Tis The Season for Donating to Toys For Tots!

toy-news-and-talkI would have to say that many of us in the toy collecting community are pretty fortunate for what we have. Including the people we interact with on a daily basis. But this time of the year we are often reminded of the fact there are many that are not so lucky. That includes children. And what better way for a bunch of grown men and women that collect toys to share in their interest and give to the kids. One great cause is, Toys for Tots. Each year they collect toys and get them into the hands of children that are less fortunate.

Now, what if you could get a little something for donating? Either a prize or matching donation. Would that maybe entice you a little more? Well two great reasons are here! Geeks for Tots and Infinite Toys for Tots aims to help out and put some prizes in your hands, or match your donation at the same time. All you need to do is take a picture of yourself donating a toy in a Toys for Tots bin and email it to them. Easy peasy.

Both of these wonderful initiatives are put on by some great guys in the toy collecting community and could use your help. Even if you don’t want anything for donating, you can still help spread the word. So next time you are at Toys R Us (or another local retailer), think about buying a little something extra for a child this holiday season. You might just make him, or her, the happiest kid around!

Geeks for Tots Press Release:

Win Toys For Helping Tots with Geeks for Tots!

11/26/12: Geeks for Tots is back once again to promote giving this holiday season. Geeks for Tots is a contest that encourages donations to the Toys for Tots.

There are far too many kids that won’t get gifts this holiday season and the Toys for Tots program is here to help. Toys for Tots takes new toys and distributes them to kids in need. To encourage donations to the Toys For Tots program, the Geeks For Tots contest is offering prizes to those who send in proof of donations to Toys for Tots.

The Prizes up for grabs are:
• Anakin Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber from Brian’s Toys
• Gift cards to Backstage Toys
• Gift cards to Luke’s Toy Store
• Gift cards to Luke’s Toy Store
• Lots of figures from Fantastic Plastic Toys
• Gift cards from 80sTees.com
• Gift certificates from Nerd Rage Toys
• New and vintage figures from Pixel Dan
• 30th Anniversary G.I. Joe Skystriker from Dinosaur Toy Vault
• And more to come!

To participate in the contest, a contestant has to either send in a picture of them donating at a Toys For Tots drop off box or by forwarding copy of a receipt from an online cash donation to the Toys For Tots website.

More details like where to send the photos and receipts, please visit GeeksForTots.com. And the official rules can be found here.

About Geeks for Tots:

Geeks for Tots is a grassroots contest started with the simple goal of encouraging donations to Toys for Tots via a contest. This is the fourth year of the contest. Previously it was known as “Joes for


Media Contact:
Email: GeeksForTots@gmail.com

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