threezero Gives Their Titanfall Atlas Pilot 6-Inch Figure A Full Reveal

toy-news-and-talkWe have seen images of threezero’s 20″ Titanfall Atlas figure, now they have shared a full reveal for the Atlas Pilot figure to go along with that beast of a figure. The pilot (and Atlas itself) is based on the popular Xbox One video game.

It stands 6-inches tall and features some amazing paint application and weathering on the fully articulated pilot. Pre-orders will be available soon, so while you wait, check out the gallery of images below. (Source: Facebook)

threezero-titanfall-atlas-pilot-6-inch-figure-preview-01 threezero-titanfall-atlas-pilot-6-inch-figure-preview-02 threezero-titanfall-atlas-pilot-6-inch-figure-preview-03 threezero-titanfall-atlas-pilot-6-inch-figure-preview-04 threezero-titanfall-atlas-pilot-6-inch-figure-preview-05 threezero-titanfall-atlas-pilot-6-inch-figure-preview-06 threezero-titanfall-atlas-pilot-6-inch-figure-preview-07 threezero-titanfall-atlas-pilot-6-inch-figure-preview-08

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