Threezero Eastman-Inspired TMNT Mikey and Leo Figures Detailed

Threezero Eastman TMNT Mikey and Leo FiguresThreezero has been working with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman since last year to create sixth-scale figures based on his unique design of the half-shelled heroes, and now come details of Threezero’s first Eastman-inspired figures Mikey and Leo.

Threezero’s Michaelangelo and Leonardo figures stand at approximately 11.7 inches tall and feature bodies with over 25 points of articulation. To make their joints appear as seamless as possible while retaining a wide range of motion, Threezero used a soft PVC on the figure’s arms.

The orange masked Mikey comes with two nunchaku, a kusarigama; five throwing stars and a skateboard. Leo, who wears a blue mask, comes with two katanas, a short knife and a handheld blade. For those purchasing the figures directly from Threezero on the Threezero online store, Mikey and Leo will include exclusive bonus accessories. Mikey will come with a tonfa with blades and Leo will include one of Shredder’s gauntlets.

Mikey and Leo will be available for pre-order on the Threezero store starting June 2. The figures are priced $210 (shipping included in the price) each. For anyone buying both Mike and Leo, Threezero will offer a special combined priced of $335 for the pair, which includes shipping. All purchases from the Threezero store will include the aforementioned exclusive accessories.

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