Three Reasons I’m Excited About Mattel’s Animated Style He-Man Figures

He-Man Classics 2.0

After years of patiently waiting, my He-Man figures will finally look like the cartoon series I watched every day when I came home from school.

Starting today, Mattel is taking orders for the next subscription in its Masters of the Universe Classics lineup, the Classics 2.0 sub. The Classics 2.0 sub features A-list characters from the Filmation cartoon series in their familiar animated style. While I’m a huge fan of the Masters of the Universe Classics line, the Filmation-based figures seemed to resonate most with me because of their nostalgic connection to the ’80s animated series. Characters like Batros, Fang Man, Icer and even Nepthu are among my favorites because I grew up seeing them on television. It’s not that I don’t think that non-Filmation figures aren’t great, it’s just that Mattel has never delved into the Filmation style in the MOTU action figure line and I’m super excited about the possibilities. Here are three things that have me most excited about the Classics 2.0 sub.

  1. The Updated 2.0 Body
    The new 2.0 body includes additional articulation points, as well as an animated style so He-Man and Skeletor really do look like they’ve walked out of the television screen. I’m hoping that the updated articulation and aesthetics includes the removal of the visible pin joins, in favor of insert molded joins, so that the silhouettes can be a little more seamless. Mattel removed the pin joint on the ankles along the way in the MOTUC line, but never went beyond that, so I think this would be a great addition in a 2.0 buck body.
  2. The Inclusion of Evil Seed as an Inaugural Figure
    By including Evil Seed in the first wave of figures, Mattel is showing fans that they’re willing to jump right into the line with unique body styles and not just milk the standard buck. This is very promising in that it increases the pool of characters to be, well, limitless. If Mattel are willing to do a unique sculpt for Evil Seed, there’s hope, albeit slim, for characters like the frail Zagraz, the rotund Chef Allen or Prince Adam’s kid cousin Jeremy, which we’d never see as part of the MOUTC line.
  3. A Lower Price
    I thought I misread the subscription details when I saw the price for each figure for those committing to the subscription is $20. I didn’t! Figures for sub-holders are priced at $20, which is pretty great when you consider that prices of the current line of figures is creeping up to the $30 range.

    “The price for figures is $20 each when shipped through a subscription. These figures will be $25 each when purchased during All Access on regular monthly sale days.”

Growing up, I never understood why my G.I. Joe, Star Wars or He-Man figures didn’t look like their on-screen counterparts. Hasbro did a good job of giving us a handful of animated style G.I. Joe figures,  and a fantastic job at giving us movie-accurate Star Wars figures, but now, after years of waiting, Mattel finally gives us a line of Filmation style He-Man and the Masters of the Universe figures and I couldn’t be happier.

The Masters of the Universe Classics 2.0 subscription is open from October 5 through November 2, 2015. The subscription includes one new figure every other month starting in February 2016 for a total of seven figures for the year (with Evil Seed being the subscription exclusive). The figures included in the sub are (in order of release) He-Man, Trap Jaw, Skeletor, Beast Man, Evil-Lyn, and Clawful. The total commitment for the year is $145.

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  • Sam

    Will these figures be available for purchase without a subscription?

    • @disqus_dQo63F8KRT:disqus like with previous MOTU offerings on MattyCollector you’ll be able to purchase the figures, except the Subscription exclusive Evil Seed, during the monthly sales around the 15th of each month.