‘Thor: The Dark World’ to Feature Two After Credits Scenes?

hollywood-movie-newsSomething that Marvel films have come to be counted on for, are their clever and teasing after credit scenes. You know those little extra segments of the movie that reveal something from an upcoming Marvel movie. To say the one featured in Iron Man 3 was a bit of a let down, would be spot on. Sure it was a little funny, but not as cool as the other after credit scenes we have seen. Especially when compared to The Avengers that gave us a look at Thanos!

Well rumor has it, that Thor: The Dark World is going to make up for that. It will have not one, after credits teaser, but two! One will be during the credits, and the second at the end. This is according to some early screening feedback over in London where critics have already viewed the film. Because of an embargo, no details can be shared before October 24th. The only clue we have is from a person who has seen the movie already and was asked for clues, to which they subtly replied: “Mid – Forshadowing. End – Shreddies.” Will it pertain to Captain America: The Winter Solider? Guardians of the Galaxy? Avengers: Age of Ultron? We will find out soon enough, as Thor: The Dark World is being released in a little over a week on October 30th in the UK, and on November 8th in the US. (Source: CBM)

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