Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game Available Now For iOS and Android

video-games-gaming-newsKeeping with the Thor theme, Gameloft has released their Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game. Available for iOS devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; along with Android devices, phones and tablets. The game is co-written by Marvel Comics and television writer, Christopher Yost (The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Spider-Man, X-Men, X-Force).

In the game, players take up the role of Thor as he must stop Malekith and restore order to the Nine Worlds. You can explore the worlds and fight alongside fellow Asgardians, such as Sif and Heimdall, or even summon the Einherjar warriors for help. You can upgrade your skills and allies, which looks to include different appearance for Thor spanning the many years of Thor comic book stories.

You can download Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game from iTunes App Store for iOS devices, or Google play for Android. It is FREE, with the option of in-game purchases.

thor-the-dark-world-official-game-screenshot-01 thor-the-dark-world-official-game-screenshot-02 thor-the-dark-world-official-game-screenshot-03 thor-the-dark-world-official-game-screenshot-04

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