Thor: The Dark World Figures Arriving at Retail!

toy-news-and-talkHeads up Marvel collectors, Thor: The Dark World figures have started to arrive at retail. As I mentioned yesterday on Twitter, a fellow collector in the San Diego area passed along that he found the new Thor figures at a Toys R Us store. He picked up the Dark Elf and Kurse figures. Then today I managed to find a Toys R Us store here in Michigan that had them in-stock and purchased Thor (Battle Hammer), Loki (Frost Dagger) and Kurse. I was also informed that the Dark Elf is currently one per case. Yep, another fine example of Hasbro and their poor case assortments. Make the one troop builder one per case. Hopefully this changes with either revision cases or wave 2 assortments. So start checking your local retailers for the Thor figures as they are arriving.


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