Thor: The Dark World “Asgard” DLC to be Available for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes at Launch

video-games-gaming-newsOn Tuesday, a cool LEGO version of a Thor: The Dark World poster had surfaced. At the time, many thought it was just another promotion for the film with a tie-in to the soon to be available LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game. Well turns out it is a little more than that. Looks like it was part of an announcement for a Thor: The Dark World DLC for the LEGO game. The DLC titled, “Asgard” will be available at the launch of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and will bring eight playable characters to the game, all of whom are also featured in the upcoming film. There is no mention as to which eight character though. So the already Marvel character jam-packed game with be expanding even more right from the start. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is due to be released for all major consoles on October 22nd! (Source: Marvel)


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