Think Nintendo Updating Its Emulator Patent Is About Mobile Gaming — Well It’s Not!

If you thought the recent news of Nintendo updating their emulator patent is a sign that they are about to open up for mobile gaming, then you need to think again. This update to their patent application 20140349751 filed in June 2014, looks to improve upon Nintendo patent 8157654, adding processor-level adaptation for emulators of handheld consoles like the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advanced. This is for legal reasons. They are making it easier for themselves to protect their IP.

It has been well-known for a long time that Nintendo has always been against emulation, on your computer and most certainly on your mobile device. Just have a look at Nintendo’s legal page, it even says there they don’t like emulation. Why? Because they don’t make any money from it. Think about it, they have the Nintendo DS and 3DS. If they allowed emulation on your mobile device, what happens to those? They die instantly. So don’t go holding your breath for any Nintendo games legally on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. It’s not gonna happen any time soon. (Via Electronista)

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  • If Nintendo created a peripheral for the iPhone that you would use to play its games they’d still make money from hardware and could then distribute software digitally. The cost savings would be substantial from a production n standpoint and they’d be able to capitalize on their library of characters to sell games. I think they’d make a fortune, but it seems like they’re willing to ride out the storm.

    • Nintendo views Apple as a threat to their business. Until they stop doing that, they’ll never change their view and Nintendo games won’t be available for iOS and Android.

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