The Venture Bros. T-Shirt Club Week #1 Offerings: “Palaemon Project” and “HankCo”

television-news-and-talkLast night the first episode of Venture Bros. Season 5 premiered. In addition to that, that also kicks off the Venture Bros. T-Shirt Club 2.0! The first two offerings (to commemorate the hour-long episode) are now available, they are “Palaemon Project” and “HankCo“. The shirts are sold as a pair, $38 for the two ($40 for XXL and up) or get both shirts as part of the Venture Bros Shirt Club subscription. These shirts are ONLY available until 11:59 EST on June 9th! Which is also when the club subscription deadline is too. After that, both shirts are gone. If you don’t get the subscription, you will have to order the individual shirts offered yourself. Meaning if you forget to visit the site that week, then you are out of luck. So head on over and get yours today. One week to go until the next design is offered!

venture-bros-t-shirt-club-week-1-offerings venture-bros-t-shirt-club-week-1-offering-01 venture-bros-t-shirt-club-week-1-offering-02

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  • Bill Bailey

    DO you have any shirts that have the actual Venture Palaemon graphic, ’cause that isn’t even close.