The Venture Bros. Season 5 Teaser Images and Update!

television-news-and-talkWell it certainly seems like forever since there has been any news of The Venture Bros. Season 5. But in the last few days, that silence has been broken, and thanks to Jackson Publick (aka Christopher McCulloch) &dmash; The Venture Bros. co-creator and producer — who posted an updated on the status of Season 5 to his LiveJournal, and some teaser images on his Tumblr too. So it seems they are almost finished with the production of the season and are shooting for a March or May premiere (they haven’t heard an exact date from Cartoon Network apparently). As they hurry to finish production in time for the possible March premiere date, you can check out the still images from the upcoming Venture Bros. season below.

So now it’s back to post-production. Here’s where we currently stand with the season: We’ve already delivered half of the fully finished episodes to the network, and the rest are in various states of post-production. This week we received the rough cut of the final episode from Korea (which is actually the second half of what will be our premiere episode) so I’m spending the day scouring it for errors and typing up retakes notes. Then tonight I’m headed to a final sound mix session for the 6th episode. We’ll finish the picture edit for the 7th episode a day or two into the new year and turn it over to our sound engineer, then move on to editing the 8th episode.

Since we’re idiots who decided to write and produce our hour-long premiere episode last, we can’t start airing until the last episode is finished. I don’t currently know exactly when our premiere date is. I’ve heard it could be as soon as mid-March or as late as early May, but we’re racing to get that premiere special done in time for March.

And now that I’ve seen all of the episodes in one form or another, I can truthfully say it’s going to be a great season. The crew in every department of the production really stepped up their game (and new crew members brought new game)–the show’s never looked or sounded better. And as writers, Doc and I hit a really great, confident stride that, I think, combines some of the best qualities of seasons past with a uniquely season 5 freshness. A good mix of new characters and old (some of which haven’t been seen in quite a while), high adventure in exotic locations and internal strife on the home front. You will like it!

venture-bros-season-5-teasers-01 venture-bros-season-5-teasers-02 venture-bros-season-5-teasers-03 venture-bros-season-5-teasers-04 venture-bros-season-5-teasers-05 venture-bros-season-5-teasers-06 venture-bros-season-5-teasers-07 venture-bros-season-5-teasers-08

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