The Transformers Collectors’ Club Fully Unveils Club Exclusive Nova Prime Figure

toy-news-and-talkThe Transformers Collectors’ Club has fully unveiled the first of two club exclusive figures today. We have already seen the free Exclusive Club Membership figure, Lio Convoy, now we get a look at the first purchaseable club exclusive figure, Nova Prime.

Nova Prime, who eventually becomes Nemesis Prime, believed that Transformers were the greatest among all life forms and that they should bring their glory to the myriad of lesser races throughout the universe. The Nova Prime figure will be offered to club members, who will be able to buy it early 2015. The second exclusive figure will be unveiled next Thursday, August 14th. (Source: TFCC)

tfcc-exclusive-nova-prime-figure-robot-mode tfcc-exclusive-nova-prime-figure-alt-mode tfcc-exclusive-nova-prime-promo-art

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