The Throne of Riddick — Vin Diesel Shares New ‘Riddick’ Image with Fans

hollywood-movie-newsThough most of the news as of late about Vin Diesel is for the upcoming Fast and Furious coming in April, he would like to remind everyone that Riddick is still very much happening. Vin Diesel to his Facebook page again today and shared another image from Riddick. This one features the anti-hero sitting atop a throne in a very “Game of Thrones” reminiscent image. The third installment features Vin Diesel once again as Riddick, who must fight for his survival against deadly alien predators and bounty hunters with a personal stake in bringing him down. I’ve mirrored the image below to check out. Riddick is set for September 6th, 2013 release date. (Via Facebook)


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