The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, A New Ongoing Series Featuring A Very Different Sinister Six!

comic-book-newsKicking off this July is a new Spider-Man series, but this one won’t be featuring Spidey himself. This title is all about the new Sinister Six which includes Boomerang, the Beetle, Overdrive, Shocker and Speed Demon. And they are tired of being just petty criminals, they want more. This new series, The Superior Foes of Spider-Man will be written by Nick Spencer, art provided by artist Steve Lieber. In this new series, writer Nick Spencer is going to take you into the underworld of these Spider-Man villains and take you behind the mask. If you head over to, you can read an interview with Spencer where he shares some details of the series. Look Superior Foes of Spider-Man this July from Marvel! (Source:


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