The Mighty Zeroids Are Coming to Toyfinity!

toy-news-and-talkIt looks like Toyfinity is about to add another of the now defunct Ideal Toy Company’s vintage toy lines to its roster. They posted a teaser today for “The Mighty Zeroids“. Zeroids were a line of toy robots from the Planet Zero introduced by Ideal in 1967. I had to look that one up, since I’m not familiar with this line of toys.

But these certainly look interesting, and I’m definitely interested in seeing what Toyfinity does with them too. I’m already a huge fan of their current Robo Force line. Will this be another Glyos compatible line? Hopefully more details will be revealed soon. (Source: Toyfinity)

UPDATE: I spoke with John Kent of Toyfinity and he shared the following: “Toy-wise, we’ll be introducing Zeroid characters into the mix over the next two years using the Glyos system, and updating them a bit.”


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