The Marvel Select Winter Soldier Figure Is Available Now!

toy-news-and-talkAlmost a month ago to the day, Diamond Select unveiled the Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Select Winter Soldier. Based off his appearance in the Captain America comics, this Winter Soldier is highly detailed. It is sculpted by Jean St. Jean, and stands about 7-inches tall with 16 points of articulation and comes with a pistol, machine gun and sniper rifle as well as a shattered window display base.

You can now find the Marvel Select Winter Soldier exclusively at the Disney Stores, and Just in time for the holidays! It retails for $24.95 and will make a great gift for yourself or someone you know. Happy hunting! Before you head out, check out below the great images posted by Diamond Select. (Source: Diamond Select)

dst-marvel-select-winter-soldier-figure-01 dst-marvel-select-winter-soldier-figure-02 ndst-marvel-select-winter-soldier-figure-03 dst-marvel-select-winter-soldier-figure-04 dst-marvel-select-winter-soldier-figure-05 dst-marvel-select-winter-soldier-figure-06 dst-marvel-select-the-wolverine-figure-and-winter-soldier marvel-select-winter-solider-figure-01 marvel-select-winter-solider-figure-02 marvel-select-winter-solider-figure-in-packaging-front marvel-select-winter-solider-figure-in-packaging-back

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