The Godbeast June Sale Is Tonight — Kabuto Mushi Glyaxia Clones and More!

toy-news-and-talkWanted to just remind everyone that tonight is the Kabuto Mushi Mk II Series III release. There will be 6 new colorways available and no limits on them. Each is priced at $12 and comes with a Mini Mushi figure too.

So set those reminders for this evening June 1st, at 8pm CST/9pm EST. They will be available in The Godbeast store. There are also some new images below of the Kabuto Mushi Glyaxia Clones along with a screenshot of the soon to be on sale figures.

the-godbeast-kabuto-mushi-glyaxia-clones-01 the-godbeast-kabuto-mushi-glyaxia-clones-02 the-godbeast-kabuto-mushi-glyaxia-clones-03 the-godbeast-kabuto-mushi-glyaxia-clones-04 the-godbeast-kabuto-mushi-glyaxia-clones-05 the-godbeast-kabuto-mushi-glyaxia-june-1st-sale

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