The Glyos Compatible 481 Universe Is About To Expand With New Characters and Parts

toy-news-and-talkThe 481 Universe is on the verge of expansion. Joining Outlander, Silas, Arax and Aran (plus other well-known Glyos figures), will be some new characters and parts.

Nicholas Merz has been giving us a sneak peek this past week at some great new additions to this Glyos compatible world. We can look forward to the addition of Fed, Leyden, Celetroops and possibly more. Also shown off are some new hip-joint parts.

All of this will be available in an upcoming sale, which the date of has yet to be announced. But you can enjoy the images of these great additions in the meantime. Keep in mind that the figures and colors shown are only test shots, the actual production figures will include painted eyes and some other painted areas depending on the colorway and character. (Source: 481 Universe)

UPDATE 3/23: Added new images of the Browser-Bots (aka Brow-Bots) helmet that were posted today. This is actually the reverse side of the Celetroops helmet. So you can pick which character you would like to have or army build.

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