The GIJCC Shows Off New Sculpt For 2015 JoeCon General Mayhem Figure

When the final figure for the 2015 JoeCon Exclusive Con Set was revealed earlier this month, a Photoshopped mockup was used for General Mayhem. This included a 3D rendered head showing the new sculpt for the figure. Well today over at the GIJoeCon official Facebook page they have posted a couple of images, one of them showing the actual head sculpt for the figure. In addition to the head sculpt the second image shows off the new jacket sculpt that will be used for the figure. You can check them both our mirrored below.

joecon-2015-exclusive-con-set-general-mayhem-head-sculpt joecon-2015-exclusive-con-set-general-mayhem-jacket-sculpt joecon-2015-exclusive-con-set-general-mayhem-figure

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