The GIJCC Revises Hit & Run for Figure Subscription Service 3.0

toy-news-and-talkWhen the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club previewed their Hit & Run figure for their Figure Subscription Service, some fans were not too happy with it. Notably missing was the “green paint” skin tone that the character is known for.

Many said this was one thing that made the vintage G.I. Joe figure stand out, and by not adding it to this modern update was taking away from its identity. Well today, the Club has rectified that and posted a new preview of their Hit & Run figure which now has “green paint” and stripes on his face and arms. You can check out the new Hit & Run preview below, along with the original preview posted a couple of weeks back.

If you are interested in the FSS 3.0, then head over here to place your pre-order. Pre-orders will remain open until July 1st. (Source: GIJCC)

gijoe-gijcc-fss-3-hit-and-run-preview-revised gijoe-gijcc-fss-3-hit-and-run-preview

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