The GIJCC Previews Two More Figures From The Figure Subscription Service 4.0, Interrogator and TF Outback

Over the holiday weekend, and today, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club continued their previewing of the Figure Subscription Service 4.0. The latest figures unveiled with some the worst looking Photoshop mockups are, Interrogator and Tiger Force Outback. I realize that these are not final figures, but these are certainly not their best work for these mockups. The Interrogator is a figure I have liked a lot in the past, but this one just looks weird. I’m pretty sure it is the helmet, something is totally off about it. As for TF Outback, that head looks horrible. It looks like a drawing to me, which it might very well be, but that is not excuse. Anyways, here are the latest two previews for you to check out.

(Based on the 1991 Cobra action figure!)

Includes: removable helmet & vest, knife sheath with removable knife, pistol with silencer, handcuffs, shock batons, snake dagger, and figure stand.

(Based on the European exclusive Tiger Force action figure!)

Includes: NEW head sculpt, removable harness & flashlight, assault rifle, survival knife, backpack and figure stand.

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