The Full Reveal of the 481 Universe Glyaxia X Destian Line-Up For Tomorrow

toy-news-and-talkOkay, we now have the full rundown of tomorrow’s sale of the latest in the 481 Universe, Glyaxia X Destian. I’m really excited for it too. Everything shown looks awesome and I’m really digging the colors. There will be some limitations on the first night, but after that it is fair game for those looking for more. The sale starts tomorrow at 9pm EST. You can check out the pricing and new images below.

Leyden- $12
Outlanders- $10 each
Green, Blue, Yellow Accessory packs- $8 each
Resin Xennus face masks- $12 each
Resin heads (both clear yellow and solid yellow)- $10 each

The Numbers on Destian figures are much lower, so there will be suggested limit of 2 of each in place for them per order for the first night of sales. The Glyaxia figures should remain available for at least the first few nights unless there’s an outstanding demand for them.

The Sale starts this Friday the 23rd at 9pm EST in the store page.

481-universe-may-glyaxia-revsoldier 481-universe-may-glyaxia-stansoldier 481-universe-may-Destian-visitor 481-universe-may-Destian-Leyden 481-universe-accessories-pack-yellow-cc 481-universe-accessories-pack-blue-cc 481-universe-accessories-pack-green-cc 481-universe-resinclear-heads 481-universe-resin-heads 481-universe-resin-masks

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