The Four Horsemen Give A Sneak Peek At Their Upcoming Power Lords Packaging Art

toy-news-and-talkI’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t into Power Lords as a kid. At the time of their arrival. I was already way into G.I. Joe and that took dominance of my weekly allowance as a kid. I did get other toy lines as a kid, but Joes were #1 for me at the time. So I have no emotional attachment or know a lot about the Power Lords line.

But after seeing what the Four Horsemen are doing with the license, I have to admit I’m pretty interested in it. These are some great looking modern figures. So even though I’m not that familiar with the line, I am looking forward to what the Horsemen are doing. Plus the fact they are 3.75″ scale figures, helps a great deal.

Now a few days ago, the Horsemen shared a sneak peek at the Power Lords packaging art for the line and it looks pretty cool. A nice vintage feel to it. I can’t wait to see more from this line. (Source: Power Lords Return)

power-lords-sticker power-lords-header-card

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