The Four Horsemen Announce Mythic Legions Scale Change!

Almost a year ago the Four Horsemen unveiled their latest project, Mythic Legions. When unveiled, the line was to be a 4″ line of figures, but it seems things have changed. With the recent success of their Raven figures, the line has now been changed to the 6″ scale of figures. This also means they will no longer be Glyos compatible figures either.

Also another major reason for the size change was cost. When pricing out the 4″ figure, with the detail and paint, the cost was almost the same as a 6″ figure. Now instead of overcharging for a 4″ figure, they can give fans a fair price on a 6″ figure.

So, those hoping to get these cool looking medieval, fantasy looking figures for your 1/18th scale collections, you will be out of luck. For those still excited about the Mythic Legions line, better start clearing out more room, at 6″, these will be taking up quite a bit more room. (Source: Four Horsemen)

four-horsemen-mythic-legions mythic-legions-6in-scale-comparison

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