The First G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Pre-Orders Arrive at Toys R Us Online

toy-news-and-talkEarly this morning the first of the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Toys R Us/BigBadToyStore shared exclusives went up for pre-order on Only four items have surfaced so far, two of the 2-packs (Heated Battle and Night Marksman), one 3-Pack (The Viper’s Pit) and one vehicle set (Battle Below Zero). The other 3-Pack, Outnumbered Team Pack, and the other vehicle set, VAMP & Night Landing are not currently listed.

The pricing is a couple of dollars less than what BBTS has them at, so that is a good sign for those holding out for local retail. The Battle Below Zero set is currently sold out from BBTS, so here is your chance to get one if you missed out. Good luck!

gijoe-50th-anniversary-versus-2-pack-heated-battle-figures gijoe-50th-anniversary-versus-2-pack-heated-battle-pkg gijoe-50th-anniversary-versus-2-pack-night-marksmen-figures gijoe-50th-anniversary-versus-2-pack-night-marksmen-pkg gijoe-50th-anniversary-outnumbered-team-pack-wave-1-the-vipers-pit gijoe-50th-anniversary-outnumbered-team-pack-wave-1-the-vipers-pit-pkg gijoe-50th-anniversary-vehicle-pack-battle-below-zero gijoe-50th-anniversary-vehicle-pack-battle-below-zero-pkg

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