The BotCon 2014 Theme to Feature Pirates?

toy-news-and-talkThe first clue for the theme of this year’s BotCon has been discovered. Thanks to D-Drive of TFW2005, who posted a picture of the back of the Diamond Edition Transformers Timelines #8 Machine Wars comic book yesterday.

On the back it reads:

They sailed across the inky-black where the heavens can’t be found
No light could show, no wind could blow, no soul could make a sound
Yet each mech aboard, garbed for war, holding a cutlass or a gun
and from the spotter above came the sign – We’re bound for Cybertron!

Along with the text is a new Transformers faction emblem. This all kind of hints to pirates of some kind. Which all kind of sounds pretty cool to me. So who will they be up against? Normally the BotCon stuff is just kind so so to me, but this year is looking to be different. BotCon 2014 is in Pasadena, CA during June 19th to 22nd. (Source: TFW2005)


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