The BotCon 2013 Exclusive Obsidian Gets An Update With New Colors

toy-news-and-talkFor those that may be interested in the 2013 BotCon Exclusive Con Set, you should take note of this, looks like one of the figures has received an update. When initially shown, fans were not too pleased with the color choice for the BotCon 2013 Exclusive Machine Wars Obsidian figure, it was very green (see images below). Now it seems the Transfomers Collectors’ Club has updated the figure, well updated the Photoshopped image of it at least, to a dark aqua blue like color (see images below). This updated color puts the figure much closer to his Beast Machines appearance now and hopefully appease many fans. The BotCon 2013 Exclusive Machine Wars Obsidian figure uses the Transformers Voyager Class Hunt for Decepticons Highbrow/Generations Powerdive body with a new head sculpt and will be apart of the Machine Wars: Termination Box Set. Once again, it should be noted that the images are mock ups only and the final product could vary. (Source: BotCon)

botcon-2013-exclusive-machine-wars-obsidian-robot-mode-update botcon-2013-exclusive-machine-wars-obsidian-alt-mode-update botcon-2013-exclusive-obsidian botcon-2013-exclusive-machine-wars-obsidian-alt-mode botcon-2013-exclusive-machine-wars-obsidian-head-turn-around

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