The Art of Living Dead Dolls Book Review

The Living Dead Dolls is celebrating its 16th Anniversary this year. In that time is has gone from a handmade collectors item into the longest running toy line of horror dolls has become a pop culture phenomenon. Now Mezco has released The Art of Living Dead Dolls book, dedicated to the line to celebrate its history. The book features some great looking and terrifying art and photography spotlighting the creepy dolls.

Found under a deluxe glossy 100 lb. stock cover, inside there is artwork and photos created by 80 different world-renowned artists including Joshua Hoffine, Angus Oblong, Dan Brereton, Yuki Abiko, Emily Yishizawa, and many others. All of which have created truly unique imagery using pencil, pen and ink, paintings of various styles and digital means. This also includes fan art and tattoos from those dedicated to the Living Dead Dolls.

If you are a fan of the Living Dead Dolls and haven’t picked up this book yet, then you definitely need to get a copy. Add it to your collection for display or as a discussion starter, either way you are certain to enjoy it. You can get The Art of Living Dead Dolls Book or directly from Mezco Toyz here.

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