That’s All Folks! DeNA Shutting Down GI JOE: BATTLEGROUND Mobile Game

Some unfortunate bit of news for those that are still playing DeNA’s G.I. Joe: Battleground multiplayer card-based battle game. If you have opened the app then you most likely already saw this, but if not, then you will want to take notice. They announced they are shutting the game down. No new content will be created and on January 5th the servers will be turn off. Once again G.I. Joe has shown it cannot hold its own anymore. The property is not strong enough outside the core fans to keep up an animated series or similar type of media property. Coincidently this news comes on the heels of DeNA accouncing the Star Wars: Galactic Defense card-based battle game. So what do you think about this announcement?

Message from dev team:

An Important Message from the G.I.Joe: Battleground Dev Team

Dear Joes and Cobras,

We have a tough announcement to make. G.I.Joe: Battleground will be shut down on January 5, 2015 (PST).

As of today, November 3, 2014, we will support the game, but we will NOT be creating any new content for it. That means no new events and no new cards. On January 5th the game servers will be shut down and G.I.Joe:Battleground will cease to be.

The shops, the Golden Token Draw, Investigation Steps and Daily PvP have been updated to provide you with lots of Flag Points and resources at rock-bottom prices. November 15 (PST) will be the last time you can spend coins in G.I.Joe: Battleground.

It’s been a tough few weeks leading up to this announcement, and there is a lot we’d like to say (and wanted to say) that we can’t (and couldn’t), but we’ll be as open and forthcoming about what led us to this point as we can be. We went through a long period of experimentation this past year, and thanks to your love of G.I.Joe and the resulting support of our game, we were able to run Battleground and keep sharing this amazing IP with you for a relatively long time.

Not all of the experiments were a success. There were some mistakes, but we believe that we met our goals of serving our players well, doing justice to the IP, and correcting any mistakes as quickly and fairly as we could. We believe this because you stuck around and played the game, added to the community and competed to outdo each other with your favorite G.I.Joe characters for over 15 months. Please accept our sincere thanks for your commitment.

Many of you will be very unhappy about this announcement, and with the game shutting down we are limited in what we can do to address that, but we decided internally that we would like to offer something. DeNA Vancouver runs a cartoony military-themed tank tactics game called Super Battle Tactics (SBT), and we have created powerful G.I.Joe-inspired tanks available ONLY to fans migrating from G.I.Joe to SBT. We would be extremely privileged and happy to provide Joe Fans with a starter package to get you rolling very quickly in that game.

If this interests you, follow these steps:

1. Download and launch Super Battle Tactics.
2. On the Login screen, hit the Mobage icon in the bottom right.
3. Log in with your Mobage ID. Or, and only if you’ve linked your Facebook account to your Mobage ID, you can login via Facebook.
4. Allow 72 for your gifts to reach your inventory.

If you were a Joe player before November 3rd and you complete these steps by Monday, November 10th (PST), you will receive a generous gift package in SBT goods. If you have any trouble please send us a note at and we will hook you up.

That about covers it. With regret, this is likely the last time the G.I.Joe: Battleground Dev Team will be reaching out to you all. Thank you again for your time, patience and passion for G.I.Joe.

Yo Joe,

The G.I.Joe: Battleground Dev Team

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