Ten Ways To Make The Next Generation Of Consoles Better!

video-games-gaming-newsWell my gaming friends, 2012 is officially in the books and 2013 is primed to be the last year of the current Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (PS3) consoles. Nintendo was the first to beat both to the punch this year with the popular Nintendo Wii U. I don’t know about you, but this is a bit bitter-sweet for me. Yes, I’m excited for the future, but I’m also sad. This current gen has in my opinion been the best gaming since the old school good old days. With online connecting gamers and making friends around the world to truly playing some of the best most inventive games in years. It’s not over yet, 2013 still has some amazing titles coming such as The Last Of Us, DC Injustice: Gods Among Us, Metal Gear Rising and God Of War just to name a few. In addition to that — I asked myself — what does the next-gen truly have to offer that the current gen doesn’t already give me?

We have…

  • Blu-ray capability…check,
  • Internet browser…check,
  • Netflix streaming…check,
  • Awesome games with amazing graphics and online capability…check.

I know we all work very hard for our money and are in no hurry to just throw it away for a new console unless that new console is truly worth it…so here are 10 ways to truly make the next generation of consoles better and lure our wallets to the register on launch day!

#1 – More Hard Drive Space: In 2006, the PS3 was selling at launch with a $599.00 dollar whopping price tag with a 20 gigabyte (GB) hard drive…ya…WTF to that. What a joke, even the later 40 GB and 60 GB systems were still in my opinion a joke. How do they truly expect gamers to buy digital content such as games and movies, AND keep their save files for current hard disc games with such little space? I strongly suggest that the launch systems come out with a decent amount of hard drive on launch day…like 300 GB.

#2 – Launch Games: It’s no secret…launch games usually suck. We pay hundreds of dollars just to have the “new” system and what do we get to play with? A roster of games rushed for launch, like Madden or Dynasty Warriors? Next time you are bored, humor me and go and look at the launch games for PS3 and Xbox 360 and their respective reviews ,and ask yourself this…”was the price tag worth playing those crappy games“? Back in the day, when you bought a new system the console came with a great Sonic or Mario game for free so “Little Timmy” could play a great game all day long on Christmas morning. I suggest game developers start their game development a year earlier and truly give gamers not only an amazing “10 out of 10″ must play game for launch, but also a real reason to pull out our wallets.

madden-nfl-2006-screenshot dynasty-warriors-6-screenshot

#3 – Cross Game Chat: Simple enough.Let me shoot the shit with my friends while they play Call of Duty and while im playing NBA 2K. I hate having to stop what I’m playing to send a long message when I could simply turn my bluetooth headset on, and ask a simple question to a fellow online gamer buddy.

#4 – Discounted Digital Games: I admit, I’m an online digital game buyer…mostly for the convenience. Problem is, I will never “truly” own the game. I can’t take it to GameStop for game credit, and if my console breaks, I have to spend 12 hours re-downloading it. I think Microsoft and Sony, are making a fortune on digital sales. There is no need for them to spend money on manufacturing or having the games shipped to retailers. Would it hurt to knock $10 off? Just saying.

#5 – Comics: I always wondered why the hell the PSP allowed gamers to download awesome new monthly comics, but the much more expensive, more powerful PS3 didn’t? What gives? Can I please be allowed to download and read new G.I. Joe, TMNT and Transformers comics on the new systems? That would be Great.


#6 – Please Slow Down On The Updates!: Here is a true story of a buddy of mine. He only has a 40 GB hard drive. He has owned his PS3 since launch. Every single year he has to not only erase all of his previous games off the hard drive to make room for the new games of the new year, BUT he also has to RESTORE his default settings which takes several HOURS! Why does he have to do that you ask? Well Sony likes to do an update on their system literally every 4-8 weeks and each time it takes up addition hard drive space. So somewhere there is a poor guy in Montana with a 20 GB PS3 who literally only has enough space to keep his console updated.

#7 – Rewards Anyone?: Everyone is doing this, grocery stores, Walgreens, hotels, game stores, ect…why not reward gamers for spending their dollars in the online stores? Nothing will entice us more than to buy new games digitally or movies on the next-gen systems than a nice little rewards account.

#8 – No More 10-Hour Games: I know this is a software and not a hardware request, but let’s face it, they pretty much go hand in hand. You want us to buy another $600 dollar game system? How about you make it mandatory to all game developers, that they no longer rush out $60 games that we can beat in 8–10 hours? I’m looking at you Transformers Fall of Cybertron, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and ANY first-person shooter story mode.


#9 – Please Don’t Rush Manufacturing: I’m looking right at you Microsoft. I remember reading an article in 2009 reporting that, Microsoft actually knew that 25–35% of ALL systems may have had the red ring issues and they STILL went out to store shelves. W…T…F? How can we have any faith when we spend our hard-earned dollars on a new system and the manufacturer already knows it will break? Please no more “red ring of death” issues. Take your time and put out a solid product.

#10 – Built In Camera: How many of us actually either bought a PS3 “eye” camera, or even bothered using it more than once or twice? Instead of charging the consumer more money for a camera add-on, why not just have it already built into the console a la laptop with Skype capabilities?

Feel free to share any ideas, suggestions or simply what YOU would like to see in the next generation of gaming!

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