Teaser for Live-Action Patlabor Series and Film Project

hollywood-movie-newsA teaser trailer for The Next Generation – Patlabor series and film project has been posted. As it was revealed the other day, this live-action Patlabor project will start with a 7-part mini-series, and conclude with a 100-minute film. Which will premiere in Japan starting in April and finish in early 2015. The trailer is in Japanese, but Anime News Network has provided a translation of the 30-second teaser, you can find that below the video.

The narrator explains the premise: At the end of the 20th century, the world was changed with the advent of labors — giant robotic mecha used in industrial tasks for the advancement of technology. To combat the crimes perpetuated in these labors, police established sections of patrol labors or “Patlabors.” It is now the 21st century, when the next generation of Patlabor comes to the fore.


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