Tamashii’s Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation Line Lets You Build Your Own Sanctuary

After unveiling its newest Saint Seiya line in November, Tamashii Nations has released official information, including release dates for the first two figures, for the Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation line.

Unlike Tamashii’s Saint Cloth Myth and Saint Cloth Myth EX lines, the D.D. Panoramation figures stand in a smaller 4-inche scale. The pint-sized figures pack a big punch, however, as each figure will include effect and structure pieces that when combined, form the Sanctuary from the ’80s Saint Seiya anime series.

The Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation line kicks off with two figures scheduled for a May 2016 release: Pegasus Seiya and Gemini Saga. Both figures are styled after Masami Kurumada’s Sanctuary anime series with Seiya donning his bronze cloth armor and including a Pegasus Meteor Fist effect, a base piece, and pieces to construct columns that fit into the base. Seiya is priced ¥3,456, which is about $30.

Gold Saint Gemini Saga includes the Pope’s Chamber, comprised of a throne, extended base with steps, and several columns. Saga also includes a switch out portrait allowing Saga to transform into evil Saga. The D.D. Panoramation Genimi Saga is priced 5,940, which is about $50. As a first release bonus, the Gemini Saga figure will include an Athena statue to accessorize your sanctuary diorama. The Athena statue stands approximately 8 inches tall and is only available with the first production run of the Gemini Saga figure.

Look for pre-orders for the Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation Seiya and Saga figures to start soon.

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  • saga and kanon? or saga and evil saga?

    • Shhhh! Doesn’t matter. I want!

      • it matters! saga and kanon have blue hair and normal faces. evil saga has grey hair and red eyes! he looks completely different!