Tamashii Web Shop Officially Opens to North American Customers

Tamashii Web ShopTamashii Nations has officially opened its Web Shop to customers in North America. No longer will U.S. collectors of Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon and Kamen Rider figures have to pay high secondary markets prices or use third-party importers to secure Tamashii’s limited run exclusives. The Tamashii Web Shop is currently surveying collectors to identify the products they’d be interested in buying, which may explain why the only item  available for pre-order, in the Web Shop, is the One Piece Figuarts ZERO Tony Tony Chopper.

If you’re a collector of the S.H. Figuarts, S.H. Monsterarts, Myth Cloth / Myth Cloth EX or Figuarts Zero lines, we highly recommend completing the survey to ensure that when the Tamashii Web Shop is fully stocked, it’s filled with products you’re interested in purchasing.

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  • I don’t see Star Wars listed. Is that not part of the arrangement?

    • The Tamashii Web exclusives are Japan’s equivalent of domestic retailer exclusives. So retail figures will continue to be distributed in the U.S. by Bluefin Distribution, while select Japanese exclusives will be offered to North American customers provided that Tamashii has North American distribution rights.

      Tamashii does not have distribution rights to 6-inch Star Wars figures in the U.S. Hasbro owns those rights and while Tamashii has attempted to try to negotiate those rights, they admitted the likelihood of that happening are slim. The exception is the Samurai style line of figures, which Tamashii seemed hopefully optimistic about. Unfortunately (or fortunately considering the Yen is the weakest it’s been against the dollar in decades) you’ll need to import or pay a third party importer for Tamashii S.H. Figuarts Star Wars figures.