Tamashii Nations Celebrates ‘Ultraman’ 50th Anniversary with Ultra-Act Figure and Options


This is very exciting, at least for fans of Ultraman that is. This morning Tamashii Nations has announced a new S.H. Figuarts X Ultra-Act 50th Anniversary Ultraman figure. Coming this July will be the original Ultraman which features interchangeable sets of hands, an effect of his signature Specium Ray. It will be a general release and priced at 5,616 yen.

In addition to the standard Ultra-Act Ultraman there will be a deluxe 50th Anniversary edition which will come with a new Option Act Building Set. This set is priced at 8,640 yen. You will also be able to get the new Option Act Building Set as a standalone purchase as well, including a battle damaged version as well. Both sets are priced at 2,700 yen and will also be available in July.

Lastly, what would a cool new Ultraman and building set be without some kind of monster to fight? Well Tamashii Nations has you covered. Look for the S.H. Figuarts X Ultra-Act Baltran that will be available in August. It doesn’t look like there will be any additional parts or effects included with this one though. Baltran is priced at 5,940 yen.

Ultra-Act Ultraman 50th Anniversary

Ultra-Act Ultraman 50th Anniversary with Option Act Building Set

Ultra-Act Baltran

Ultra-Act Option Act Building Sets – Standard and Damaged Ver.

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