Tamashii Nations Announces Ghostbusters Rowan the Destroyer Soft Vinyl Figure

Tamashii Nations Rowan the Destroyer Soft Vinyl FigureTo celebrate the theatrical opening of Ghostbusters (2016) in Japan, Tamashii Nations has announced a soft vinyl Ghostbusters Rowan the Destroyer figure as an exclusive to the Tamashii Web Shop.

Standing at just under 12 inches tall, Tamashii’s Ghostbusters Rowan is designed after the paranormal antagonist in the all-female Ghostbusters reboot. The successor to 1984’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, which Tamashi solicited for pre-order earlier this week, Rowan includes in-scale Slimer and Ecto-1 accessories measuring in at 1 and 2 inches each, respectively.

The Tamashii Nations Rowan the Destroyer is priced ¥5,940, about $59, and ships from the Tamashii Web Shop starting in Dec.

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