Tamashii Nations Announces Dynamic Classics Commemorative Line

Tamashii Classics Dynamic ClassicsTamashii Nations has announced a new line of Dynamic Classics figures commemorating 50 years of Kiyoshi Nagai’s–aka Go Nagai–creations.

As part of the Dynamic Classics collection, both Tamashii’s S.H. Figuarts and Soul of Chogokin works will be represented in a line of figures scaled approximately 6.7 inches tall. Figures will include character-specific accessories, interchangeable parts and museum-style display stands with nameplates. The first two figures in the line are the Soul of Chogokin GX-70 Mazinger Z and the S.H. Figuarts Devilman.

Dynamic Classics GX-70 Mazinger Z
The GX-70 Mazinger Z will be the inaugural figure representing Soul of Chogokin in the Dynamic Classics line. The Mazinger Z includes die-cast parts mixed with plastic and a variety of interchangeable accessories including hands, face parts, two iron cutters and the jet scrambler, which can be attached to the figure’s back for flight mode. A stand that can house the extra parts and display the jet scrambler is also included. The Dynamic Classics Mazinger Z is priced ¥14,040, about $140, and is scheduled for release in Jan. 2017.

Dynamic Classics S.H. Figuarts Devilman
Devilman will be the first S.H Figuarts figure in the Dynamic Classics line standing at the same 6.7-inch height as the Mazinger Z. Devilman includes interchangeable heads, switch-out hands, devil wings, devil cutter effect and a stand with a “steel” beam display. The Dynamic Classics Devilman is priced ¥8,100, about $81, and will be released concurrently with the Mazinger Z in Jan. 2017.

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