Surprise! Fox Gives ‘Sleepy Hollow’ An Early Second Season Renewal

television-news-and-talkSleepy Hollow may have just started its season with only a few episode aired so far, but Fox is ready to show that it believes in the show. It has just got an order for a second season. Which is very unusual for a new fall show, considering it doesn’t have a full-season order for this season. So is Fox going to keep this a Fall series with 13 episodes only? It kind of looks that way. Regardless, this is some great news. Especially since Fox is known to pull the plug on shows very early on. Look forward to seeing where they are going with Sleepy Hollow since this has turned into a fun new show. (Source:

fox-sleepy-hollow-title fox-sleepy-hollow-cast-02 fox-sleepy-hollow-cast-01

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