Surprise! A CLOVERFIELD Sequel Is Coming, In March!

It is definitely rare in this day and age when a movie that has a big name like J.J. Abrams attached to it goes unnoticed. But that is exactly what has happened with what Abrams is calling the sequel to his 2008 Cloverfield film. There are definitely some big opinions about that first film, with a lot of potential to be something big, many were left disappointed because of the shaky cam style used. Since the first film, there has been an on and off again discussion about a sequel. Now it looks like it is finally happening with Abrams announcing 10 Cloverfield Lane. From watching the trailer, this supposed “sequel” definitely has a much different feel than first movie. With a Misery type setting kicking things off with John Goodman and some people who are living in an underground bunker, which later we are teased with a “something out there” message. Will this be any good? Hard to say since this is the first we have seen of any of this movie. With the shaky found footage routine gone, could 10 Cloverfield Lane be the movie fans wanted the first time around?


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