Super7 Makes ReAction Alien Egg Chamber Playset Available to All

Alien Egg Chamber Playset

Super7 is creating a made-to-order black box edition of its ReAction Alien Egg Chamber playset, in response to fan demand.

After announcing the 250-piece limited edition Alien Egg Chamber playset as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive–now the blue box edition–Super7 was inundated with fan messages to do something to ensure that everyone had a fair chance at adding the Alien Egg Chamber playset to their collections. “Please make available beginning Thursday morning! Otherwise its gonna sell out on Wednesday night just like the Prototypes last year where the only people who were able to purchase them were exhibitors & their friends… oh and a bunch of scalpers,” wrote Facebook user Bobazarre Bob, on Super7’s wall.

The ReAction Alien Egg Chamber playset will be available for pre-order during San Diego Comic-Con and online at Super7’s website,, for $100 plus $15 shipping. Pre-orders start at 6 p.m. on July 27 and run through 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 27. Quantities will be made to order and playset bases will be made from hand-cast resin unless there are enough ordered received to manufacture the bases in plastic.

ReAction Alien Egg Chamber playset made with resin bases would starting shipping in 3-4 months, while the plastic bases would take 6-7 month to produce and ship.

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