Stop What You Are Doing, Crysis 3 is Available Today!

video-games-gaming-newsAfter what has been months and months of teasing us with preview video clips, Crytek is ready to release the accumulation of all their hard work on the next chapter in the Crysis series. Crysis 3 is in stores today for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. One of the best looking (if not THE best looking) first-person shooters has arrived. Crysis 3 takes place 24 years after the events of Crysis 2, where Alcatraz returns to New York City, which he finds encased in a dome by the CELL Corporation where he finds Prophet waging a war within. People were told the dome was there to protect them from what lies within, but it is there to make sure CELL can claim first rights to the tech found within from the remaining alien race known as the Ceph that crashed there many years ago. Players will also find a new weapon that will aid in their silent hunt of CELL and Ceph alike, the new Predator Composite Bow. Also play the evolution of multiplayer in the all-new Hunter Mode, where you test your skills of survival when it becomes two “nano-suit hunters” against 10 (on console)/14 (on PCs) CELL soldiers. Consoles will find a truly amazing looking game that is a lot of fun to play, PC users however will find something even more. Be careful though, the system requirements are pretty steep for Crysis 3, and previous versions have been known to melt a few systems. So head out to grab your copy today, I know I will be!

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