Still A Chance to Get Serenity LEGO Kit

toy-news-and-talkYou may or may not recall a call to arms earlier this year for fans to get behind the LEGO Cuusoo project for a Firefly Serenity playset. The project was a hit and reached 10,000 supporters (well actually just a few shy of it). And this looked like it would happen. Well LEGO saw that this was going to get the support it needed and began looking into the IP (Intellectual Property), and determined that even though this set was mainly going to sell to adults, it still needed to be an all-ages set in order to move ahead with it. And since Firefly content is not all-ages, they decided to not go with it.

But the good news is, a company Etadyne has decided to put together an unofficial kit any ways, gathering all the parts (all 2186 of them) you will need to create Serenity. The kit, #3010 Firefly Serenity playset, currently retails for $385.00, plus $11 shipping & handling. The custom mini-figs originally proposed with the kit are separate, and will set you back an additional $85. Overall a bit pricey, but still very cool.


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