‘Star Wars The Clone Wars’ Season 6 Is Still Coming, Plus New Footage!

television-news-and-talkUSA Today has reported that the popular animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6 is still coming. Supervising director Dave Filoni is just about done with the animation and concluding the story arcs left from season 5. Still no word on when and how it will be aired though. The good news for fans is, that season 6 will still be coming to a television in a galaxy not too far away! Dave Filoni shared his thoughts on the season 5 Asoka story arc finale, before finishing the interview

“A lot of people want more closure with her, and that’s always been curious to me since we aired that episode. It seems to imply that, I hate to say it, but short of her dying they don’t feel like there’s going to be any kind of closure for that character,” Filoni says with a laugh.

After checking out the interview ,be sure to watch the new season 6 footage below! (Source: USA Today)

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